4th Time is the Charm for Dr. Sunga’s LHS Class Visit

After winter weather postponed their trip around the oval on three prior dates, Dr. Michael Sunga’s LHS Public Speech & Debate class was finally able to visit the library on Monday morning, February 25, at 9 AM, before the building was open to the public.

Dr. Sunga assigned students the task of selecting a picture book that they will read aloud to their Kindergarten ESL ‘book buddies’ at a later date.  Youth Services Librarian Gina Vaccaro gave the LHS class a brief tour of the Children’s section of the library, guided the students to the picture book section, and helped the students find fun, age appropriate books to share with younger students.

Dr. Sunga thanked the library for being so accommodating and flexible with scheduling and rescheduling of his class.

We send best wishes to Dr. Sunga’s class with their assignment and look forward to hearing about their visit with the Kindergarten ESL students!

-Gina Vaccaro, Youth Services Librarian

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