DIY Home Projects: Helpful Library Resources

As the summer days speed by, it’s nice to spend some time lazing with a glass of cool lemonade and a good book, but we’ve got to get out of the hammock eventually!

Warm weather is the perfect opportunity to take up some much needed home improvement or repair projects around the house.

With more time spent at home these days, you are afforded more of a chance to repair damage, undertake a long planned for renovation, protect and fortify your home or just keep its face to the world looking bright.

Following are some library resources including magazines, books and ebooks that can help you along in your home improvement tasks.

Here is a link to an article from the August issue of Consumer Reports, that presents several suggestions for affordable home repairs. 

Family Handyman magazine available on RBDigital is a great resource where you will find  see-and-solve expert repair techniques, a variety of projects for every room and step-by-step, do-it-yourself photos.

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  -Archana, Adult Services & Acquistions Librairan 

Hot Reads

It’s hot outside! Whether you prefer reading domestic fiction, romance or thrillers, embrace the summer heat this season with these steamy novels that will have you burning up for more!  You can reserve these books for contactless pickup from the Livingston Public Library.

index4.aspxHot Pursuit by Stuart Woods (Thriller)

Stone Barrington is happy to have found a woman that shares his love of the jet-setting lifestyle.  Together they travel to Europe, but Stone’s new love interest has some baggage in the form of a criminal ex who is following them, and their stalker’s intention is deadly.  The clock is ticking to stop their criminal stalker before it’s too late.


index3.aspxIt’s Hot in the Hamptons by Holly Peterson (Domestic Fiction)

Caroline was raised in the Hamptons, and she never thought that she would become one of the people referred to as “the city people.”  However, her husband’s job forced her and her family to move to Manhattan and alas she’s become one of the vacationers.  When her husband is found out to have an affair, she starts to question if she married for love or if their marriage was based on money.  When her friend is also suffering through the effects of an affair, the two friends decide to team up and get even.

inde2x.aspxThe Long, Hot Summer by Kathleen MacMahon (Domestic Fiction)

Travel to Ireland and get a sneak peak into the lives of the MacEntees.  After a series of misfortunes and a summer marked by scandal, a shocking revelation of family secrets will emerge.



index1.aspxDeath in Summer by Michael Theurillat (Thriller)

It’s an extremely hot day right in the middle of summer, when a well off and well known bank owner is shot and murdered on a golf course. As the detective begins to dig into the banker’s past he uncovers a life full of secrets more bizarre and shocking than he could ever have imagined.


index.aspxSunburn by Laura Lippman (Romantic Thriller)

Polly and Adam met at a local tavern while passing through a small Delaware town. Yet, neither leave and both stay.  As the summer progresses, Adam and Polly fall into a steamy affair, while they’re both holding back dangerous (and even lethal) secrets.

-Jessica, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian