A Culinary Vacation

It’s cold outside!  While you’re inside trying to stay warm you may be fantasizing about your next getaway.  When we think of travel, we often think of the great food that comes along with it, like fresh lobster from Maine or yummy pasta from Italy. Why not take a culinary vacation right now?

Here at the library, we have tons of travel books that you can view to get you thinking about where you want to travel to.  The best part? They’re located right near the library’s fireplace so it’s the perfect excuse to browse and warm up from the cold.  

Don’t want to leave your house?  Livingston Library cardholders also have access to the

digital version of A-Z World Travel.  With A-Z World Travel, you can learn about the different foods from various regions as well as obtain recipes of their most famous dishes!

A-ZWorld Travel
A-Z World Travel Recipes

Our Adult Services Librarian, Chris Demidowich, also discovered some travel blogs that journalist Nisha Gopalan recommends:

They offer additional travel guides and first hand tips about local ingredients and more!

So where will your next culinary adventure be?

-Jessica Bielen, Adult Services Librarian

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