Aiming for Healthier Wallets

After all the gallivanting, purchases and indulgences over the past weeks, almost everyone resolves to aim for healthier wallets going forward, among other things.

How to become a millionaire?

That is a great question, for those of us who missed the lottery over the New Year, and a tough one to find answers that will bring bountiful results by the next cycle of billing periods.

How to reduce debt? Increase income? Manage money better? Save more?

Where does all my money go?

These are also great questions! All of these come with an abundance of materials that can help us find ways to go, inch by inch… surely… towards our mission of reviving our exhausted and dehydrated wallets!

Our Library’s Online Resources offer numerous free courses on personal finance management:


Keep On Learning - Healthier Wallets

We encourage you to browse the course catalogs of Gale Courses and Universal Class. When you sign up, the only contribution required is your commitment, as the courses are all free!

Some useful search words when browsing the catalogs are: personal finance, credit, debt, investments, savings, income, finance, financial planning, starting your own business, etc.

There are courses with titles such as Individual Excellence, Where Does All My Money Go?, Keys to Successful Money Management, Debt Reduction, Personal Finance 101: How To Manage Your Money, Couponing 101, and Habits of Millionaires, as shown in the image provided.

In the meantime, with baby steps in mind towards achieving financial goals, here are some resources that offer information to those who seek to increase income.

If you’re thinking of small businesses, check out the Library’s database subscription to Small Business Reference Center, which is full of helpful information from NOLO (a publisher of do-it-yourself legal books and software).

And if you’re into investments, we hope you know that your Livingston Library Card can also give you free access to Value Line and MorningStar (well-known publishers of investment research).

No access online nor to a computer? No problem! Just visit our Library, choose a computer workstation at the Adult Services and Reference section, and start on your path to learning!

All these resources can get everyone informed and moving forward — one step at a time.

   — Janea Agbayani, Adult Services Library Specialist

For more information, visit:

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