Anxious and Stressed?: Your Library can Help!

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major effect on mental health, with both healthcare workers and the general public experiencing heightened levels of anxiety and psychological distress.

According to a recent press release published by the American Psychiatric Association, 40% of Americans are anxious about serious illness or death as a result of COVID-19. Fear and worry about one’s own health and that of loved ones, along with financial and job uncertainties are also leading to increased stress. Required public health actions, such as social distancing and quarantining, can make people feel isolated and lonely and add to anxiety levels.

Here we have pooled together some library resources that can offer guidance, support, and inspiration in managing stress and anxiety.

We feature  a virtual program, books from our collection, and links to previous Library blog posts that highlight ebooks and a variety of resources on sleep, exercise and meditative music, all of which can help in our ongoing struggle with anxiety.

Virtual Program: Anxiety in the time of COVID, Monday August 10, 3pm


This Zoom presentation, organized by the Livingston Public Library in partnership with ACAP (Academy of Clinical and Applied Psychoanalysis) of Livingston will explore issues as they relate to managing anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic  Psychoanalyst, Dr. Lilleso Kane will offer supportive strategies and coping techniques to help individuals and families deal with their anxiety and manage their mental health. You can register for it here.


Here are some recent titles that shine a light on the subject and offer a variety of constructive ways and techniques to manage and tackle anxiety.Capture

Livingston Library Blog posts


This latest article from Consumer Reports presents several suggestions to deal with anxiety

Other Resources

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