April Adult Programming Wrap Up

April was jam packed with wonderful spring themed programming.  Here’s a wrap up of what was going on inside the library.

We got healthy this month! Saint Barnabas Medical Center presented Food & Mood early in the month.  Attendees learned all about how what they eat can affect their mood and overall health. Saint Barnabas Medical Center also presented a program on Asthma, Allergies, and You, which was very informative.  Keeping up on our health, we also got moving with Qigong: Four Energy Gates presented by Qigong instructor Randi Willow Elkin.  We ended the month with Essential Oils and Meditation presented by Brooke Branch, Holistic Wellness Educator.

It’s spring time! Session II of our gardening series took place this month.  Attendees gathered at the library Spring Gardening: Transplanting Techniques taught by Fran Kroeckle, the Master Gardener of Essex County.  She showed us all the secret tips and tricks to getting your plants firmly planted. We also enjoyed learning about Gardening For the Environment with the Great Swamp Watershed Association, and all about The Joy of Backyard Bird Feeding with the NJ Audubon Society.    

In the Internet era, security is crucial.  Bautis Financial taught us the basics of Cybersecurity at their lecture style program.  

How does one begin a life of investing?  The Investor Advocacy Project of Seton Hall Law School presented Financial Literacy: Becoming an Informed Investor to give us all an understanding of how to make investments.

We get it, adulting at any age is hard.  But you know what else is hard? Organizing.  Professional home organizer of the KonMari MethodTM, Cassidy Nasello, presented Adulting 101: Declutter for Life.  She gave us wonderful tips and pointers for decluttering our home for LIFE.

We got crafty with our Adult Paint Night, where attendees painted “Drippy, Drippy Trees,” and also with our Jewelry Making with Acrylic Paint workshop taught by Barbara Sax.  We also kicked off our new crafting program series Pinterest Inspired Adulting Crafting, where we made mason jar sun catchers.  These programs are designed for those looking for an unstructured, crafty environment.    

We know choosing wine can be tough.  So Dr. Mark Vogel joined us for an Introduction to Wine.  Now we have no fear when choosing which wine to pair with that steak dinner.   

And we can’t forget about books! Dr. Laura Nicosia presented How We See Ourselves in What We Read.  You can view the notes from her presentation here. Author and Medium Sharon Farber also joined us for an Author Visit this month.  You can borrow both her regular print and e-book version of Choosing to be a Medium from our library.

It is also baseball season!  To get into the spirit, Evan Weiner presented Baseball in the American Culture.  It was such a lovely and informative talk about America’s favorite pastime.   

We also enjoyed our monthly Senior Happening, Book Clubs (Get Lit, Read It & Eat, Feminist Fare, & Let’s Talk About Books), Movies, and so much more!  To see what wonderful events are coming up during the month of May, check out our calendar here.  We can’t wait to see you at the library!

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-Jessica Bielen, Adult Services Librarian

Livingston, NJ 07039, USA

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