Background Noise & Reading

A recent article by BookRiot posed the question as to whether readers enjoyed listening to music while reading or preferred quiet. The article argued that sometimes a room can be too quiet, and that background noise can make a reading experience more enjoyable, suggesting classical music or music that you know well and can tune out easily to the best accompaniments.  I personally crave silence to be able to enjoy my reading and find any noise whether music, television, or talking to be distracting. 

What about you, library readers?  Do you enjoy background noise when reading or do you prefer silence?

Here is what a small sampling of Livingston Librarians have to say:    

  • Katie, Adult Services: I do everything with television in the background.
  • Archana, Adult Services: Quiet, but instrumental music such as jazz is okay. 
  • Joseph, Adult Services: I prefer it to be quiet.  White noise is okay.
  • Gina, Youth Services: Silence. I like it quiet. I’m too distracted if there is noise. The only exception is if there is classical piano music playing, but quietly.
  • Anna, Youth Services: I can read in silence or with background noise, but the in between (silence with one person making noise) is terrible.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

-Jessica, Adult Services 

Livingston, NJ 07039, USA

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