Message from the Director: Begin With Children

Dear Livingston Library Community,

At the Library we recognize the difficulties of discussing our complicated world with the children in your life.  And yet the most difficult tasks are often the most important ones.  That’s why our second adult program in the Livingston Listens series is “Understanding Your Child’s Racial Identity,” an event designed to encourage family conversations about social justice, social identity, and diversity.  We are delighted to welcome back Dr. Khyati Joshi, professor of education at Fairleigh Dickinson, who takes an intersectional approach in all of her work, and will also address other social identities such as class, religion, and sexual orientation.  Additionally, Dr. Joshi will provide an opportunity for parents to consider their own social identities, and how these identities affect the ways in which they view the world, their parenting practices, and their day-to-day experiences.

For as Gandhi once said, “If we are to teach real peace in this world…we shall have to begin with the children.”

And at Livingston Library, we help you give your children the world.


All the best,


Director – Livingston Library

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