Books for Decoration

Gwyneth Paltrow is at it again! According to Town and Country Mag, the actress recently hired a professional book curator. Oh no she didn’t…oh yes she did! Paltrow enlisted the help of Thatcher Wine to spruce up her home book collection. Wine is known for his custom book jackets, which, when put together, create a unique piece of art – right on a bookshelf. Wine hooked Paltrow up with 500-600 books to complete her shelves, expanding on her collection that included books on fashion, photography and books for her children.

Wine has also shared how to mimic this effect at home, “First, think about what you are trying to accomplish. Is there a story you are trying to tell? A color palette you want to achieve? Then think about how that might work within the context of your home and available space. Second, acquire the books. Depending on how important the style and binding of the cover is to you, buy them intentionally either at your local bookstore or through online listings. Third, arrange your books in a way that makes you feel comfortable and looks inviting. It may take a few hours to get it just right.”

So tell us blog readers, what does your home book set-up look like?

-Katie Neylan, Head of Adult Services

Millburn, NJ, USA

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