Books We Haven’t Read & Don’t Want To

We often talk about books that we are currently reading, the books that we can’t wait to read, and titles that we recommend others read.  But what about the books that we haven’t read and don’t want to? Are there certain books that you refuse to read for whatever reason?

For me, I have refused to read the Harry Potter series for many years even though I would probably enjoy it because just about every librarian (and non-library reader) I have met adores it.   This is my small way of attempting to break the stereotype, even if it’s a silly way to go about it. 

Head of Adult Services, Katie, has avoided reading The Hobbit.  She doesn’t have any particular reason, it’s just a title she’s never felt compelled to pick it up. 

So library readers, are there any books out there you find yourself avoiding? 

-Jessica, Adult Services Librarian

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