Community Stories Part 1

Name: Lori

Age: 65

Any other information you’d like to share about yourself: Piano teacher in Livingston New Jersey

“Prior to COVID-19 quarantine, I taught piano lessons in my home-based studio in Livingston. Since the shelter in place order, I’ve been teaching piano online for students ages 6–11. From my conversations with them, I can see how these young people have been affected by the quarantine. In a positive light, I am using my God-given gift of encouragement to assist the students through this difficult time. Last week, I received a text from one mom saying that her daughter “felt terrific during the lesson!” After her lesson I received from her a big smile face rainbow! I Thank God for this opportunity to come alongside some young children and brighten their day! Piano teaching is a lot more than just teaching piano these days!🎹🎯

I wrote this song during the pandemic. It’s entitled “hope In the storm”


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