Creative Bug

We have great news for makers and lovers of arts and crafts!

Have you ever wondered — while browsing store aisles for home accessories or while browsing images of beautifully made arts and crafts — how these things are made?  Or maybe, you’d like to learn how to paint new ideas (or draw or knit or quilt, and more) by watching someone show you how?

We’d like to introduce … Creative Bug!

Keep On Learning - Creative Bug
Creative Bug is an awesome resource of videos, classes, and workshops that will tickle one’s creative side.  It is great for all ages!

There is an abundance of offerings to choose from.  Cute, delightful, stress-relieving projects.  Short, fun, creative, segmented, instances of learning.  Online classes and workshops.  A community of artists and staff experts.  And a million more artsy and crafty ideas to make something beautiful for your space and homes, for you and your loved ones!

The videos are ad-free, and the content has been selected and screened, with presentations by award-winning artists.  Simply perfect for young minds, and charmingly inspiring for all ages!  The classes come with detailed lists of materials needed, some with downloadable patterns and recipes.

There are classes for Art+Design, Sewing, Quilting, Paper, Knitting, Crochet, Food+Home, Jewelry, Holiday Party, Kids, and so much more.  In the sampling of classes featured here, there are instructions on how to make these projects:  Stitched Rope Basket, Double Paper Wine Wrap, Sew A Luckyjuju Puppy Doll, Paper Flowers, Paper Wedding Crafts, Playing with Watercolor, Hand-Built Ceramics, Easy Home Decor Sewing, and Hand Sew Farm Animal Finger Puppets.  There’s visual pleasure overload in Creative Bug!

To find this resource, visit the Collection > Resources A-Z page or the Online Learning page in our Library‘s website.  Enter your library card number, and you will be prompted to create an account with an email and a password.  Tweak your account profile based on your preferred personal settings, then you’re ready to go.

With the holiday breaks coming, we hope you’ll find something fun to do, for now or for later, from Creative Bug!  The wonderful videos might just inspire you to make something cute and wonderful… All… The… Time…

— Janea Agbayani, Adult Services Library Specialist

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For other topics, themes, and resources suggested for lifelong learning pursuits, visit our blog under the tag:  Keep On Learning.

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