Cutting Books in Half

Recently while scrolling through the bookish community of Twitter, I came across this post where someone mentioned that they cut lengthy books in half in order to make them easier to carry around.  Some book lovers became extremely upset, calling Cutting Books in Halfthe perpetrator a “book murderer.” Other readers thought this was a great idea, similar to how lengthy Victorian novels were originally published as installments. 

Many readers in favor of ebooks often say they choose to read digital versions of lengthy texts because it’s easier to carry around an ebook rather than a chunky novel.  As someone who usually opts for the print version of books, I do understand how splitting the book in two sort of gives someone the best of both worlds- a lighter item to carry and the ability to both read and enjoy a print copy.  That being said, I don’t think I would ever see myself actually cutting a book in half just so it’s lighter to carry.

What about you library readers?  Would you ever cut a book in half to make it easier to read on the go? 

Here is what a small selection your fellow Livingston librarians have to say: 

Jessica, Adult Services: I just might.

Katie, Head of Adult Services: While I understand where he’s coming from (who hasn’t lugged around a huge book and hurt their back, hands and/or tote bag), this alternatively makes me laugh and cringe. Way to take matters into his own hands!

Gina, Youth Services: Ummm, no! What is this blasphemy?

-Jessica, Adult Services Librarian 

South Brunswick Township, NJ, USA

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