Destination Nostalgia

Growing up as a 90s kid, like many other millenials, I adore nostalgia.  Popping an orange VHS into the VCR player to watch the Rugrats movie with a box of dunkaroos in hand set the tone for an era that srugratsadly no longer exists in the same capacity today.  

But what if there was a way to step back in time, if only for a little while, to relive those glorious Nickelodeon days?  The Livingston Public Library provides access to Hoopla, a digital library of e-books, e-audio-books, music, and TV. On Hoopla you can watch episodes of:

arthur.jpegYou can also read tons of Rugrats graphic novels!  You may not have the orange VHS or a box dunkaroos anymore, but it’s still pretty awesome.      

For those who loved PBS, you can also watch episodes of Arthur, and Zoboomafoo.  It really isn’t hard to have fun when you have a library card! 

-Jessica Bielen, Adult Services Librarian 

Livingston, NJ 07039, USA

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