Displays @ The Library

For the month of March, the Library is displaying art from young student artists in the area.  Come check out their beautiful work!


Wood Assemblage Sculptures by Fifth grade students
Mt. Pleasant Elementary School; Art Teacher: Ms. Abrams
Students studied sculptures by Louise Nevelson, Marisol, and Brancusi, before creating abstract wood sculptures. They made sure to have an interesting balance of positive and negative spaces in their work. They considered the unifying power of color and repetition and the idea that breaking a color or pattern focuses one’s attention on that part of the artwork.

Masks by Fourth grade students
Burnet Hill Elementary School; Art Teacher: Ms. Abrams
Students created masks influenced by cultures around the world on personally important themes as varied as nature, superheroes, and donuts.

Cubist Cityscapes By First grade students
Harrison Elementary: Art Teacher: Ms. Stein
Students at Harrison learned about Cubism and how objects are taken apart, looked at on all angles, and put back together in a two dimensional format. For this project they looked at Pablo Picasso’s painting of a violin and talked about what they could see in the painting. The students were then given sponges, cardboard, and other texture tools to create an artwork inspired by cityscapes. The students explored these concepts with a limited palette of red, yellow and black while exploring the variety of textures and lines they could create in the cubist style.

Alebrijes Clay Sculptures By Third Grade students
Harrison Elementary: Art Teacher: Ms. Stein
Students at Harrison learned about Mexican clay animal sculptures called Alebrijes which were made popular by the movie Coco. After learning about these sculptures in Spanish class, in their art class students were able to design their own spirit animals on paper. They then used air dry clay to create a three dimensional sculpture. The students painted these animals with acrylic paint in the iconic bright and highly detailed style of this Mexican art form.

-Archana Chiplunkar, Adult Services Librarian 

Livingston, NJ 07039, USA

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