Message from the Director: Don’t Get Scammed: Senior Fraud Education and Protection


Dear Livingston Library Community,

It happened to me just this week- a phone call from an unknown number followed by a scary voicemail from someone claiming to represent the IRS.  It’s is an all too common refrain. The headlines of local and national news are constantly warning us to be aware of new and dangerous financial scams, but these scams are created by professionals who know where to prey and how o ake advantage of people.

Don’t worry! The Livingston Public Library is here to give you the tools you need to separate fact from fraud.

While these scams target all consumers (even library directors!) many of these deliberately try to take advantage of older members of our communities.  Join us Thursday, June 14 from 10 am to 11 am, as New Jersey’s Division of Consumer Affairs presents information about the current fraud trends targeting seniors. These scams include but are not limited to, phone, email, telemarketing, lottery scams, as well as groups that try to pose as a family member or business, such as the IRS.

All the best,

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