Exhibits at the Livingston Library

According to the American Library Association, “The arts play a vital role in our ability to communicate a broad spectrum of ideas to all people. Developing an understanding and appreciation of visual and performing arts promotes artistic literacy. Libraries should offer opportunities for the community to experience art. “ 

The library is seeking local artists and collectors to share their art with the community by placing exhibits in its entryway display. Collections and art displays create a sense of inspiration and wonder that welcomes approximately 700 visitors each day. 

Some past displays that have brightened the library entrance include paintings in various media, miniature books, jewelry, and glass art. The Library also encourages displays by collectors, specifically special personal collections, artifacts, or memorabilia that may have been built lovingly over the years. Varieties of teddy bears, a child’s dinosaur collection, historic artifacts, and Charles Dickens memorabilia are some of the special collections that have been on display. 

The lighted glass display case shelves have a height of 15” and depth of 20”, and exhibits are usually presented for a month. If you are interested in placing a display in the case, please complete the Request to Place or Erect an Exhibit/Display and submit it for advance review and approval to the Library. Your application must include photographs or samples of items to be displayed. The Exhibits and Displays Agreement must be signed prior to setting up any exhibit or display.

Please remember that scheduling for this is arranged several months in advance.

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-Archana Chiplunkar, Adult Services Librarian 

Livingston, NJ 07039, USA

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