Explore the Library’s Activity Corner

Livingston Library Community,

Are you caught up in the Wordle craze? Or looking for a fun way to engage your brain while at the library? Visit the Livingston Library’s Activity Corner!

Located in the cozy bay window of the Adult Seating Area, the Activity Corner has puzzles and activities to keep your mind engaged this winter. From crosswords puzzles, Sudoku, and word searches, you can take your pick of weekly printouts to complete while inside the library or at home. New puzzles will be available in the Adult Seating Area every Monday morning, and the answers to all the worksheets will be available with the staff members at the Patron Services Desk. 

The next time you stop into the library to check out a book, pick up a hold, or attend a program make sure you visit the Library’s Activity Corner. 


Amy Babcock, Director

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