Festive 4th of July Historical Fiction

Get into the 4th of July spirit with this selection of 4th of July-esc historical fiction titles available through the Livingston Public Library’s digital collections.

{8C91A513-379B-4337-8957-098593E6AC74}Img100Dear George, Dear Mary by Mary Calvi

“Love is said to be an involuntary passion, and it is, therefore, contended that it cannot be resisted.” —George Washington” Dive into this novel that is based off of the historical accounts, letters, and personal journals between heiress Mary Philipse and George Washington.


{F6D201D2-2385-4591-8D3A-4257497CA443}Img100To Try Men’s Souls by Newt Gringrich

In this historical novel, explore the action of George Washington crossing the Delaware River.  Through this novel, you will experience how after months of defeat, Washington must prep his weary troops for the Battle of Trenton.  Meanwhile, Thomas Paine is in Philadelphia printing his current pamphlet “The Crisis.”


{B3214EE5-F60D-44E9-BBC7-48ACA28BDCB9}Img100The Trial and Execution of Washington the Traitor by Charles Rosenberg

This piece of fiction was a finalist for the Sidewise Award for Alternate History.  Imagine if the outcome of the Revolutionary War was completely different.  How would our lives change? In this novel, you will meet British special agent Jeremiah Black, and his mission is to kidnap George Washington.


-Jessica, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian


Livingston, NJ 07039, USA

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