Get Busy, But Not Busy

Would you like to get busy, but not really busy?

Our online resources featured here are about the little things in life.  Perfect for the hot summer days of August!  And when mastery comes after much much practice, it can be very rewarding for those who tried and took the first few steps.

Keep On Learning - Get Busy, But Not Busy

These courses are light and fun.  Great for personal development, and useful for get-togethers, who knows how much joy these skills can bring?!  So, here are some ideas for you:

Can you imagine decorating cakes for the naughty or nice parties, holiday gatherings, casual or milestone celebrations?  Birthday cakes.  Shower cakes.  I Care cakes.  Wedding cakes?!  Try Cake Decorating 101.  Can you imagine the giggles while painting the faces of adorable guests at children’s parties?  There’s Face Painting 101.  Both courses are offered by Universal Class.

Or would you like to knit something for yourself, knit a gift for charity or for someone you care about, or maybe try to learn more for your knitting club?  Knitting is popular these days, combined with social clubs, reading clubs, and the like.  Knitting 101 is waiting for you at Universal Class.

Perhaps music in your ears would hit the right note for you, if you go for some of the Gale CoursesIntroduction to Guitar and Music Made Easy.  These courses have awesome reviews, and like what some of the students wrote, you could be on your way to jam sessions soon!

Or picture this.  Beautiful landscape – or beautiful person – in front of you.  Art materials, or maybe a camera, in your hand.  Drawing, painting, capturing the moment – through lines, colors, light, and whatever moves you.  Improving those stick figure drawings, experimenting with colors, or preventing the photo blahs!  Gale Courses offers Drawing for the Absolute Beginner, and Secrets for Better Photography, while Universal Class offers Acrylic Painting 101.

There is an abundance of similar suggestions from our online learning resources!

Add to those, more visual ideas and interesting articles for crafts, home improvement, self improvement, and more from our digital magazines in RbDigital and voila!  Endless ideas and possibilities for simple busy-ness!

The lovable Winnie the Pooh as always has plenty to teach us, wisely saying that “Sometimes the little things in life mean the most.”

Can you imagine what these little things can bring?

— Janea Agbayani, Adult Services Library Specialist

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