Halloween Humor

If you’re looking for something scary with a bit of comic relief this Halloween season, here are some titles in our collection that blend horror with humor.


What We Do in the Shadows – directed by Taika Waititi
Before it became one of the funniest shows currently on TV (and before director Taika Waititi became an Oscar-winning screenwriter), What We Do in the Shadows was an equally funny film about the mundane lives of vampire housemates that also packs quite a few legit scares.

Scream – directed by Wes Craven
In deconstructing the various cliches of slasher cinema, Wes Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson made a laugh-out-loud satire that’ll also make you scared to answer the phone.

Satanic Panic – directed by Chelsea Stardust
From a script by subversive horror novelist Grady Hendrix comes this tale of a pizza delivery driver who must fight a Satanic cult intent on sacrificing her. It’s the kind of “midnight movie” that’s best watched with friends, to share both the laughs and the scares.

Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil – directed by Eli Craig
Misunderstandings between a pair of vacationing friends and a group of preppy students result in a deadly yet darkly humorous adventure.

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