How Do You Mark Your Spot?

There are SO many books to read, but there is only so much time to do so.  While we wish that we could sit and read a book cover to chex mixcover in one sitting, we ultimately need to take breaks and set the book aside for a while.  Recently, after a Twitter post from Chex Mix suggested readers use their snack in lack of a bookmark, the internet has been taken by storm in a frenzy of “don’t have a bookmark? use _____” memes. From pets, to cookies these unconventional ways of marking pages have been making book lovers across the world both laugh and cringe. (Please, don’t use mushy food to mark your place.)  

In honor of this meme trend, we’d like to ask you, what’s your favorite way to mark where you left off reading? 

As always, here’s a small sampling of what the staff of the Livingston Library think:

Jessica, Adult Services:  I used to love the metal bookmarks you’d find in Barnes and Noble.  I still do, but if I’m carrying a book around in a tote bag, I prefer a simple piece of paper or business card.  The fancy bookmarks always seem to fall out.

Katie, Adult Services: Syncing my Kindle.

Joseph, Adult Services: Sometimes uses a bookmark….and sometimes he just remembers.

Gina, Youth Services: She’ll never dog ear pages and usually uses a bookmark, but Gina’s also used receipts, envelopes, and any scrap paper she finds handy.

-Jessica Bielen, Adult Services Librarian 

Livingston, NJ 07039, USA

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