How to Train Your Dog: Library Resources

Enjoying the “Dog Days” of summer?

If you are a dog owner looking for ideas to take your canine training to the next level, we have an informative and fun presentation by professional dog trainer Brett Shelby, scheduled for the evening of Monday August 1st.

In this workshop you will learn more about your canine friends to better understand them, so that you can get more of what you  want through positive direction.

Brett will show you how to strengthen your relationship with your dog through proper communication and trust. 

Says Brett, “Sit and Down” are good directions for your dog to start with,  but what would be even better is if they do it naturally whenever you want, without having to command it of them.”

What’s more, Brett will be bringing in a dog or two, those that have never been worked with before, to demonstrate his teachings. There will be time for Q & A with the trainer at the end of the session.

Your Livingston Library card also gives you access to several books and online resources  on dog training, and on canine psychology and behavior. 

 Here are a few recent ones:


Adventure Dogs : Activities To Share With Your Dog, From Comfy Couches To Mountain Tops by Fern Watt

Clicker Training For Dogs : Master Basic Training, Common Cues, And Fun Tricks In 15 Minutes A Day by Hannah Richter

Enlightened Dog Training : Become The Peaceful Alpha Your Dog Needs And Respects by Jesse Sternberg

The Essential Guide To Hiking With Dogs : Trail-Tested Tips And Expert Advice For Canine Adventures by Jen Sotolongo

How Stella Learned To Talk : The Groundbreaking Story Of The World’s First Talking Dog by Christina Hunger

How To Train Your Dog  : How To Sit, How To Stay, How To Listen, And More! by Liz Palika

Integrated Dog Training : The Commonsense Visual Guide To Training Any Dog by Michael Wombacher

The Natural Dog : A New Approach To Achieving A Happy, Healthy Hound by Gwen Bailey

The Story Of Your Dog : A Straightforward Guide To A Complicated Animal : Learn The Surprising Connections Between Your Unique Dog’s Breed, Behaviors, Evolution, And Genetics To Communicate Better, Train Easier, And Build A Lasting Bond by Brandon McMillan

Super Dog Tricks : Make Your Dog A Super Dog With Step-By-Step Tricks And Training Tips by Sara Carson

Teach Your Dog To Talk : A Beginner’s Guide To Training Your Dog To Communicate With Word Buttons by Stephanie Rocha

Training Our Dog The Weatherwax Way : The Complete Guide To Selecting, Raising, And Caring For Your Canine by R. Ruddell Weatherwax

The Ultimate Guide To Running With Your Dog : Tips And Techniques For Understanding Your Canine’s Fitness And Running Temperament by Bryan Barrera

What Dogs Want : An Illustrated Guide For Truly Understanding Your Dog by Mat Ward

You can find ebooks on dog training and canine behavior here.


Your Livingston Library card offers access to Universal Class, which has courses on dog care, training and  grooming and on canine psychology.

-Archana Chiplunkar, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian

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