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Do you struggle to get enough sleep at night? Are you constantly tired and irritable as a result? In honor of March being National Sleep Month, why not find tips from books and listen to music at bedtime?  Studies have shown that listening to music can increase the amount of time spent in deep sleep and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. The ebooks and the music playlist below are from Hoopla, a Livingston Public Library digital subscription for Livingston Public Library holders. All you need is the Livingston library card to check out to read and listen. 

Sleep Music: The Best Of Sleep Music

Sleep Music

Easy Listening

Sleep Music And Meditation Sounds: Sleep Fruits Music

Sleep Fruits Music

Easy Listening

Nature Sounds For Deep Sleep

Various Artists

Rain Sounds, Rain For Deep Sleep, Sleep Sounds Of Nature, Ocean Sounds, Forest Sounds

New Age

Sleep Music

Sleep Music

New Age

Mindfulness Calm Sleep Aid: Delta Brain Waves

Binaural Beats

New Age

Help Me Sleep, Vol. 7

Sleep Piano Music Systems

Easy Listening

Baby Sleep

Calm Collective


Music For Deep Sleep & Insomnia

Andrew Brel

Richard Niles, Hugh Burns

Easy Listening

Help Me Sleep, Vol. 6: Relaxing Piano Lullabies For A Good Night’s Sleep 

Sleep Piano Music Systems

Easy Listening

Relax And Sleep

Relaxing Asian Spa Music

Easy Listening

Calm: The Magic Of Sleep

Audiobook  HarperAudio  English 3h 17m

by Michael Acton Smith

read by Robert Brinkmann

As the most active time for our brains and the most important element to a calmer, happier life, sleep has become the topic of our times. Drawing on the success of Calm, the #1 app for sleep, meditation and relaxation, Michael Acton Smith writes the ultimate handbook for healthy sleeping.

Better Sleep Hypnosis

Audiobook  Author’s Republic  English 41m

written by Mindfulness Training and read by Mindfulness Training

Guided Meditation for Stress Relief, Relaxation, & Falling Asleep Fast. Learning how to calm your mind, relax, find stress relief, and drift into a deep sleep doesn’t have to be difficult. With this 1 hour deep sleep hypnosis accompanied by relaxing music, falling asleep quickly is as easy as pressing play. 


Audiobook  W F Howes  English 2h 39m

written by Lisa Varadi and read by Antonia Davies

You’ll learn about why it’s so important to nourish the mind, what really goes on when you’re dreaming and how to tackle the perpetual problem of insomnia.

Sleep: The Ultimate Guide to Get Better Rest and Cure Sleep Disorders and Insomnia

Audiobook  Author’s Republic   English 24m

written by Laura S. Proby and read by Jesse Gross

Once you get your proper amount of sleep you will be ready to take on anything in work, your hobby or your private life. Your performances will get better, and you will feel better inside as well. If you haven’t been getting the right amount of sleep then get this audiobook and find the way to make sure you do!

The Secrets Of Better Sleep

Ebook English  74 Print Pages

by 50Minutes

Get a great night’s sleep, every night!

Part of the Health & Wellbeing series

Change is only 50 minutes away! Find out everything you need to know about improving your sleeping habits with this straightforward guide.

The Sleep Deep Method

Ebook  BookBaby  English  by Beatrix A. Schmidt

If you are like the many people I meet every day who tell me that they want to be able to sleep better at night, to wake up full of energy and to live a balanced and fun life, then you have come to the right place!

Sleep Soundly!

Ebook  BookBaby  English  77 Print Pages

by James A. Voketaitis, Dr. Mitchell G. Proffman

Natural Solutions for a Good Night’s Sleep

SLEEP SOUNDLY If you are one of millions of adults who suffer from insufficient or troubled sleep, worry no more. SLEEP SOUNDLY offers you a wealth of easy, practical, natural ways to help you get a better night’s sleep-without reliance on sleep drugs.

The Ultimate Sleep Guide

Ebook  Charisma House  English  256 Print Pages

by Don Colbert, M. D.

We live in a fast-paced society in which nobody seems to have enough time. More than half of all American adults suffer from insomnia. And an estimated fifty million to seventy million Americans live on the brink of mental and physical collapse due to a lack of sleep.

-Hongmei, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian

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