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Job searching, it seems, has lots of similarities to snow mountain climbing.

– It’s an uphill trek. Daunting, hard work but rewarding when you get to where you’re going.

– You need to be properly outfitted. With brilliant resumes, reliable leads and compasses, a great attitude, presentation of self, endless motivation and drive, steady focus, and such.

– You need to be mentally and psychologically aware of, and during, the long climb. Can’t give up.

– It can get cold. Really cold, when icy winds blow or when lonely silences lapse by, when the only response you’ll hear is the echo of your hello.

– However the terrain goes, you know you need to reach the summit. And claim – or plant that flag that says “Hired!” at the top.

– Networking with other fellows can make it easier, as things can get rough.

– Communication is key. How you convey your ideas affects the next step.

– And… in order to conquer the mountain, one needs to prepare!

So here we are with some gear to help you in navigating the climb, i.e. the job search:


Keep On Learning - Job Search

Universal Class and Gale Courses have offerings to help bulk up your job searching skills.

To find the courses, try the following key words: job, interview, resume, communication, writing, speaking, conversation, etiquette, career, business, negotiation, success.

The search results will bring you more titles that can help in different ways, whether these aim to improve your job searching skills or your job-related skills.

Moreover, what company will not appreciate the research and efforts you made to get to know them better?

Publications like The Star Ledger, The New York Times, and Business Source Elite can help build your knowledge about the peaks, i.e. businesses or career paths, that you decide to go for.

We hope these free materials will provide requisite information during your job search.

Lastly, if you need help in finding more materials or if you need help on how to use these resources, just reach out to the Adult Services Reference Desk at extension 263.

Keep on going, keep on learning!

  — Janea Agbayani, Adult Services Library Specialist

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