Keep On Learning

Here at the Livingston Public Library, we provide a ton of resources that can be used in the pursuit of Lifelong Learning — waiting to be browsed, seeked and availed of.

We are looking for learners.

And learners-to-be.

Young or older.  From sunrise to sunset, as in times of day or times of life.

We like encouraging you all to go for any subject that catches your fancy.

Does it really matter what stage of life we are in, what skills we have, or what knowledge we have to begin with — when it comes to learning something new?

It doesn’t.  It shouldn’t.

Let Your Mind Grow Bit by Bit
Let Your Mind Grow Bit by Bit

Because Lifelong Learning can be done bit by bit, from a huge spectrum of interests, at all times of the day, at all stages in life.  In full intensity, or in light taps.  In whatever form or effort works for us.

We just need to want it and be motivated enough.  AND take that first step!

Then the rest will come — time that can be scraped up, efforts that can be mustered, resources that can be used, little pieces of knowledge that will come together in the end — with all the fun, connections and reconnections that can be discovered and re-discovered along the way.

Wouldn’t you agree?

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Keep On Learning

Coming up soon, we’ll feature themes plus some of our resources and courses you might want to immerse in and get you started.

We are here to encourage you to… Keep On Learning!

— Janea Agbayani, Adult Services Library Specialist



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