Let’s Go to Cape Cod!

Are you looking for your next coastal escape without leaving the comforts of your backyard?  The New England coast is the perfect setting for lazy summer beach days, and it’s also the perfect setting for so many great novels!  Here are a few of my favorite reads set in Cape Cod.

{83EA314A-F165-48F1-BAC3-B970B54B63F0}Img100The Old Cape Magic by Richard Russo

Griffin took his childhood vacations in Cape Cod.  Years later, his honeymoon with his wife, Joy, also took place on the Cape.  Now, his daughter’s best friend’s wedding is bringing him back to the Cape once again, where Griffin, Joy, and their new respective partners will meet after so much time apart, causing Griffin to wonder how their lives got to this point.


{624F9726-5640-4782-BFFB-6FBF90FE197A}Img100The Last Book Party by Karen Dukess

Travel back in time to the 80’s with this read that explores “the bohemian literary scene” of Cape Cod.  It’s 1987 and Eve Rosen is a 25 year old aspiring writer.  When she’s invited to attend a gathering at the summer home of a well acclaimed New York writer, she jumps at the chance.  Throw in a crush on the author’s son and uncovering truths of the publishing world, and you get this literary-esc Cape Cod read.


{2B34C759-F7C9-4A43-BEA6-81497448B657}Img100Fool’s Rush In by Kristin Higgins

Millie Barnes may just have a perfect life.  She’s a doctor in Cape Cod and has an adorable dog.  I mean, what more can you ask for?  For Millie, life would be perfect if Joe Carpenter would just notice her and she  wasn’t constantly distracted by Sam Nickerson, a local police officer.  Sam was recently dumped by Millie’s sister and he needs a friend.  This book will have you making lists about what you want from life right along with Millie.

-Jessica, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian




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