Let’s Take a Trip to Maine!

Lobster, light houses, and spots where the ocean meets the woods.  Doesn’t a trip to the Maine coast sound absolutely wonderful right now? Here are three reads available from the Livingston Public Library’s digital collections that can help transport to a Maine escape.

{C76DDF65-7C99-42A0-92BC-FAA82ACA3D01}Img100The Last Summer by Holly Chamberlin

Jane Patterson decides that the town of Yorktide, which is close to Maine’s beautiful beaches and to the city of Portalnd, is the best place possible to raise her daughter.  An added bonus is that her best friend Frannie lives next door and their two daughters are also the best of friends. But as the girls grow older, Jane’s daughter begins to get bullied at school.  As the bullying continues, Jane begins to blame her friend and her friend’s daughter.  This is a story of friendship and of hope.

{6986565B-13BE-46C4-970F-3D754ED73119}Img100Twilight at the Blueberry Barrens by Colleen Coble

Kate Mason has been taking care of her family’s blueberry farm for years. One day the barrens stop producing fruit, and Kate is forced to come up with alternate ways to support her family.  One way is to rent out the small cabin on her family’s property, and when a man shows up looking not only for a place to rent but also someone to nanny his two nieces, Kate can’t help but think that it must all be too good to be true.  Toss in the fact that Kate’s uncle who was in prison for murder has escaped and is now on the loose, and you get this book – a suspense filled romance set on the Maine coast.

{CA5FC62F-A324-40B1-B362-43DA62D47911}Img100Now That You Mention It by Kristin Higgins

Nora is studying to become a Boston medical specialist.  But then she gets hit by a car, ends up in the hospital, and overhears her boyfriend flirting with the doctor when he thought she was dying.  So now she’s both physically and emotionally injured and decides to go back home to the Maine coast.  At home she faces her distant mother, her sister who is in jail, and her niece who is anxiously awaiting to leave the Maine island behind her just as Nora once was.


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