Message from the Director: Livingston Listens

Dear Livingston Library Community,

As you know, your Library aims to entertain and delight you, but we also strive to fulfill your serious needs for information, education, and discussion. In that spirit we are thrilled to launch very first series of diversity and social justice-centered programs, Livingston Listens.

We will have one program a month from January through May, starting off with our MLK Day event on Tuesday, January 23rd, at 7:00 pm, “Understanding Race in America,” with Dr. Khyati Joshi, a professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University.  Dr. Joshi’s presentation provides a glimpse into strands of lesser-known history, illuminating the role of race in U.S. history.  Specifically, audience members will be presented with a narrative that shows how Supreme Court decisions, immigration laws, and Jim Crow policies contributed to the development of Whiteness in America and how these historic moments continue to shape our nation. A question and answer period will follow to foster dialogue.


If you’d like to understand the context of our recent national conflicts, serve as an ally in the fight against racism, and air your concerns in a civil and diverse group of neighbors, don’t miss this extraordinary evening…or the ones to follow, which will be aimed at audiences of varying ages.  I myself look forward to listening to Dr. Joshi, and to all of you in Livingston, the community I am honored to serve.

All the best,


Director – Livingston Library

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