Love in the Time of Covid

Dating is hard. Dating during the global health crisis of 2020 is even harder.  Laugh out loud with these novels that all have plot lines centered around online dating.

{9A6A4AAE-D8F1-4DF6-9DEE-12D6383E4246}Img100The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai

Rhiannon is the developer of a revolutionary dating app where people can swipe right on their romantic future. Sound familiar?  But in real life, the only thing that Riannon swipes right for is to advance her career.  When Rhiannon begins to fall for her rival in the dating app creator world, she has to decide if she can put aside her professional differences to explore this romantic adventure.   

{7F1ADF5C-3C01-4EF2-A08E-774D0FE4DFFE}Img100Mr. Right Swipe by Ricki Schultz 

Rae’s friends have stepped into her life to help her find love once in for all in the way we only can here in the 21st century (and 2020), virtually. Her friends think she’s overly picky, and Rae wants to prove that she isn’t.  As she’s swiping someone she works with pops up thus causing Rae quite the dilemma. 


indexMy Favorite Half Night Stand by Christina Lauren

If you’re looking for a book that will make you LOL about virtual dating, this romantic comedy novel is for you! Millie Morris is a female serial killer expert, her four best friends are guys, and she’s forever single. Millie and her pact of friends decide they’re all going to join an online dating app on the quest to find love, but then Millie and her one friend start seeing each other as more than the platonic friendship they swore to be.  Are they meant to be or will they ruin their friendship for all of eternity? 

index (1)All the Wrong Places by Joy Fielding 

Paige, her cousin Heather, her best friend Chole, and her mother Joan all have had bad luck when it comes to love and relationships.  Together, they all decide to download a dating app with the hopes of swiping right to find their soulmates. But one unknowingly ends up swiping on a killer. 


index (2)How to Hack a Heartbreak by Kristin Rockaway 

Mel is an underpaid help-desk tech at a startup company during the day.  During the evening she spends her time going on bad dates with guys that she meets on dating apps.  But after one too many horrible dates, she’s had it.  Mel decides to create her own app called “JerkAlert” where women can warn others about the shady bachelors they’ve had poor experiences with. 

hqn_9781488095221_270The Dating Disasters of Emma Nash by Chloe Seager

This is a young adult novel, but millennials who have fallen into the pattern of “stalking” their ex online and exploring potential suitors via online dating will also enjoy this novel. It’s been months of self pity, but after snooping on her ex’s life online, not showering, and and crying, Emma is ready to face the world.  The plan? To chronicle her dating adventures in a blog– because as you know, with dating comes a lot of stories. 

hpc_9780785231011_270The Dating Charade by Melissa Ferguson 

Cassie is great at escaping first dates. In fact, these dates are so bad that Cassie is just about to give up on love altogether, that is until her dating profile catches the eye of a firefighter in town. 


Happy Reading!

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