Mango over Meals, and Little Pim too!

If devices are a fixture on the dinner table, how about starting the conversation in a different language?

Downloadable as an app, or simply accessed through an internet browser, Mango Languages (and Little PimLittle Pim, too!) can make it fun at the dinner table, even if it’s just a five-minute game each time!  Learn how to ask for salt and pepper (or refuse the broccoli) in a new language, during these memorable times.Keep On Learning - Mango Languages

All can start at the beginner level, and learn new words and conversational phrases, complete with reading and listening styles of learning.  It’s a great way to introduce your loved ones (or there-to-stay roommates) to the languages you grew up with, or to practice the languages the kids are learning in school.  If you get on the app for a few minutes, each time you’re gathered for a meal (or anywhere in the house), then you’ll all get to a better level with all the sentences you’ve pronounced together.

So how about spicing up those meals, maybe in French? Italian? Espanol? Pirate?!?

Aye?  Tutto bene.  Vayamos a comer.  And of course, bon appetit!!!

— Janea Agbayani, Technology Department Library Specialist

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