Message From the Director: Be Featured in Our 2020 Community Video Project

“Bad libraries only build collections. Good libraries build services (and a collection is only one of many). Great libraries build communities.” — R. David Lankes 

Livingston Library Community, 

The Livingston Public Library is a special place because of you, the members of the community, who make it so.  This year has been unlike any other, so the Livingston Library would like to honor you, the members of the community, by featuring you in a YouTube video hosted on the Library’s YouTube Channel!

To participate in our 2020 Community Video Project, record a clip no more than 10 seconds long,  filmed horizontally, answering the question “How has the Livingston Public Library helped you during the pandemic?” Email your video to by December 21.

We’ll compile all the video clips together showcasing the Livingston Library Community! The video will debut on the Library’s YouTube Channel, so make sure you follow us and subscribe.

We can’t wait to see what you have to say! 


Amy, Director

*Please only send your experiences if you are in agreement that the Livingston Public Library has permission to share the words and pictures with the public as part of our 2020 Community Video Project and no benefit, financial or otherwise, is given or implied for the submitted material. 

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