Message From the Director: Exciting Changes at the Library

AdultSeatingArea.jpgThe wait is finally over!  The furniture for our new seating area has arrived.  Located near the Patron Services Desk, the Livingston Library’s largest and most exciting change this year has been creating a space for adults to socialize and work collaboratively.  We are excited to see how this new space will be used in the new year, and invite you all to come on down to the library and experience it!

Right now, the new seating area features oversized coffee table books around the perimeter for your browsing pleasure, as well as table top work space and comfy chairs for reading.  We have plans to host drop-in programming in this area, such as our Color Your Stress Away program, and look forward to seeing all the wonderful ways that this area will be utilized!

~Amy Babcock Landry, Director 

2 Replies to “Message From the Director: Exciting Changes at the Library”

  1. Over sized coffee table?
    I hope it is near the coffee machine !
    Scones and muffins would be nice.
    Coffee would induce people to stay and socialize.
    Think about it.

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