Message From the Director: Explore Herbal Vinegar

Livingston Library Community, 

Looking for a new twist when preparing meals this summer? The answer may be inside of your own garden! Herbal vinegar can add flavor to your summer recipes. Often used in salad dressings, marinades, pickling, summer drinks, and even desserts, the possibilities and uses for this ingredient are endless. 

If you’re interested in exploring how you can use herbal vinegar in our recipes, we invite you to register for our Herbal Vinegar Workshop on Wednesday, August 3rd at 11am.  During this workshop, participants will sample a variety of herbal vinegars and then make a bottle selecting their own blend of organic herbs and spices! Participants will also learn how they can harvest herbs to make their own vinegar blends in the future. 

Registration is required for this workshop as space is limited. You can register through the Library’s event calendar, here. 

We hope to see you at this tasty program!


Amy Babcock, Director  

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