Message from the Director: Get the Buzz on Bees at the Livingston Public Library

Livingston Library Community,

Honeybees are so much more than just honey.  They are important pollinators that work hard to ensure that we have not only blooming flowers each spring, but also that we have flourishing crops and fresh food. These small creatures play a fascinating role in our ecosystem. 

If you’re interested in learning more about these fantastic little creatures, we invite you to join us virtually on Zoom Thursday, March 18 at 11am for All the Buzz on Honeybees. During this lecture, Suzanne Luciano, an over twelve year tenured beekeeper in Bucks County, PA, will be giving us the inside scoop to hive life.  We will be learning the challenges faced by bees and beekeepers, the significance of bees in all our lives, and how we can contribute to their flourishing and success! 

This event will take place on Zoom and registration is required.  Registration can be done on the Library’s event calendar, here. An email with information on how to access the event will be sent to you the day before the program. 

If you’re buzzing to learn more, these titles available through the Library’s digital collections may be of interest to you.


Amy Babcock, Director 

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