Message from the Director: Hollywood Yiddishkeit at the Ltown Library

Livingston Library Community,

Explore the history of Jewish culture in cinema at the Livingston Public Library! We invite you to join us in the Library’s program room this Monday, September 12th at 7pm for an exploration of “Hollywood Yiddishkeit: Jewish Images in American Film.” 

During this lecture, entertainment historian John Kenrick will take a dive into this fascinating and often rarely discussed cinematic legacy. Kenrick will explore how the early silent films often relied on ethnic stereotypes, how films have handled depictions of the Holocaust and Holocaust survivors, and how the  film industy has recently dealt with previously ignored aspects of Jewish life. 

Showing how Judiac culture has evolved from the early days of silent films up to the present, this presentation is not one to be missed! Registration is not required for this event, and all are welcome to join.

We hope to see you there!


Amy Babcock, Director  

2 Replies to “Message from the Director: Hollywood Yiddishkeit at the Ltown Library”

    1. Hi Ira, Unfortunately this event will not be held virtually and will be taking place in-person. Hope to see you there! -Jessica, Head of Adult Services & Acquisitions

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