Message From the Director: Honoring Memorial Day

Livingston Library Community,

May 25, 2020 marks Memorial Day.

It’s a day that we pause to remember, thank, and mourn those who lost their lives while serving in the U.S. Military.  It is a day to be grateful for the freedom and privileges we have, and is perhaps even more poignant now given our current global situation.  Memorial Day weekends of the past used to be marked with family barbecues and large gatherings as we looked gloriously towards the upcoming summer months.  This Memorial Day weekend is a little bit different, to say the least, but it also allows us to pause and reflect on how lucky we truly are.

While reflecting this Memorial Day, enjoy a Patriotic Cello Concert performed by local cellist Randy Calistri-Yeh for the Livingston Library Community.  You can also enjoy this selection of books available through the Library’s digital collections, thanking and honoring those who have served in our military.


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  1. I read that many libraries accept encyclopedias to sell for raisIng funds and thus I’m inquiring if the library would accept a full Encyclopedia Britannica set.

    1. Hi Morris. Unfortunately we are not accepting donations at this time. -Jessica, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian

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