Message From the Director: Let’s Connect: Live Virtual Programs on Zoom

“The Livingston Public Library is the place where reading, learning, and ideas converge to transform lives.”

Livingston Library Community, 

The Livingston Public Library prides itself on being a community center that offers diverse programming and lectures to fit a wide variety of interests.  That’s why we are super excited to highlight the wonderful and diverse adult virtual lectures that are taking place through Zoom this week.  

On Monday, January 25th at 11 AM, we will be starting the week off with a boost during the lecture style presentation “Boost Your Immunity with Spices.”  During this lecture, health coach Jyoti Nebhnani will introduce us to five must-have spices for your kitchen pantry that will help boost both flavor and immunity.  She will be showing us how we can incorporate spices into our daily meals and even offer some yummy recipes! 

The pandemic has moved us into a world where many things, including job interviews, are now virtual.  On Wednesday, January 27 at 3 PM, Debra J. Stark, Career Advisor at Ramapo College of New Jersey, will be joining us to present “Virtual Job Interviews: Best Practices and Tips for Success.”  Stark will show us some simple steps we can take to optimize the chances for a successful interview including: physical presentation, video/audio set up, lighting, and physical space. This workshop will also cover interview etiquette, expected questions, preparation, and research.

We will wrap up this week of lectures on Thursday, January 28 at 7 PM, with “The Super Bowl: More Than Just a Game.”  Veteran sports broadcaster, Evan Weiner, will be joining us to discuss this event from the birth of the Super Bowl, the TV commercials, the halftime shows, big screen TV sales, and even how the football game got its name. 

Registration is required for these events and can be done so on the Library’s event calendar, here.  Information on how to access the Zoom meeting will be emailed to you the day before the event is to take place.

We hope to see you at these events! 

Amy, Director

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