Message From the Director: Livingston Life During Covid-19, as told by You

Livingston Library Community,

The Livingston Public Library has been compiling stories of life in Livingston during the Covid-19 pandemic for our local history archive.  As the pandemic progresses and we continue social distancing and self isolation, we may begin to feel frustrated, lonely, and even hopeless.  Rather than wait to compile all of our community stories into our archive following reopening, we have decided to share a selection of the stories on our library blog.  Every Sunday, we will share a new story submitted by a member of the Livingston Community to our blog Beyond the Books, here. This week’s story was submitted by a local piano teacher, who composed a song of hope.

Through these stories we hope that you can remember that even though we may be physically separate for now, we are all in this together for the long haul.  If you are interested in submitting your own story of life in Livingston, please fill out this form found on the Library’s website.

Stay in touchStay safe.

2 Replies to “Message From the Director: Livingston Life During Covid-19, as told by You”

  1. Options to return books.
    I’m traveling out of state for an uncertain period. I have a number of books I need to return and last time I checked, the bookdrop is closed. I don’t have any family to leave books with. What are my options to return the books? Is there library staff I can leave them with? Thanks.

    1. Hi Herbert! Please keep the books as long as you need to. In February 2020 the Livingston Public Library went fine free, and there will not be any penalties associated with books retained due to the public health crisis. Stay well. -Jessica, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian

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