Message From the Director: Shape Our Future, Start Here: US Census 2020

Livingston Library Community,
April 1, 2020 marked Census Day in the United States.  Census Day is the official marker residents of the United State should use when responding to the U.S. Census, recording where and how many people currently live in your place of residency as of this date.

I just filled out my 2020 Census online. It was easy. If you need something to do while social distancing, fill out yours at The coronavirus pandemic has really shown us how important funding is to our communities—for hospitals, first responders, our local health systems and more. The count will be used by lawmakers in deciding how much federal aid and funding communities receive for the next decade.  This is important for schools and libraries, and is critical right now when dealing with the current Covid-19 global health crisis. Having an accurate count assists in the planning of safety and health related initiatives, many of which are currently being used.

All households should have received their Census 2020 invitation in the mail by now. You can complete your short 10-minute Census questionnaire online at or by phone by calling 844-330-2020.

You can learn more about why the 2020 Census is important and how you can respond to it, via the 2020 Census’ webpage.  

As we count how many people live within our communities, many residents are also placing “rainbows of hope”  for our essential workers inside their windows. If you happen to venture outside for a walk or for groceries, count the rainbows and remember that we are all in this together.  

Be well, stay safe,


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  1. Our census was census was done. We are counted.
    Want to let you know all along what a great job you are doing
    Wanted to tell you long ago but life got in the way
    Good job Amy

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