Middle Grade Ghost Stories

What better time than October to pick up a haunting (or hauntingly funny) new book? Here are a few freshly released middle grade books featuring ghostly friends and enemies to keep you on the edge of your seat!

A Touch of Ruckus, by Ash van Otterloo

Twelve-year-old Tennessee Lancaster, burdened by her ability to pry into folks’ memories by touching their belongings and by her prideful family’s secrets, finds solace in ghost hunting with her crush inside a nearby forest in Howler’s Hollow. When the ghosts reveal that the forest’s existence is threatened, Tennie must find the link between how they died and her own family’s secrets.

Dead Wednesday, by Jerry Spinelli

When the school assigns each eighth-grader the name of a teenager who died in the past year as part of their annual lesson in mortality, Worm Tarnauer, who thrives on being invisible, doesn’t count on being assigned to Becca Finch, a seventeen-year-old car crash victim who changes everything.

What Lives in the Woods, by Lindsay Currie

Ginny is unhappy when her family moves from Chicago to upstate Michigan for the summer. Her father has a job restoring a 1930s mansion, but there are rumors about Woodmoor and the forest next to it: rumors about strange mutant creatures. Ginny, an aspiring mystery writer, is soon half convinced that the rumors are true, because something or someone is haunting the house – and she plans to investigate, with the help of Will, the older boy who lives nearby.

Ophie’s Ghosts, by Justina Ireland

Discovering her ability to see ghosts when a cruel act ends her father’s life and forces her to move in with relatives in 1920s Pittsburgh, young Ophelia forges a helpful bond with a spirit whose own life ended suddenly and unjustly.

A Sprinkle of Sorcery, by Michelle Harrison

When their sister Charlie is kidnapped by poachers, Betty, Fliss, and their newfound friend Willow embark on a high seas adventure involving ghosts, fierce pirates and a journey to a mythic island that only exists in legend. The exciting sequel to A Pinch of Magic.

Narwhal I’m Around, by Aaron Reynolds

Rex Dexter is cursed . . . with brains . . . and daring . . . and more than his fair share of devilish good looks. But also with an actual curse: dead animals keep showing up in his bedroom, wanting him to solve their murders. After successfully sleuthing a series of endangered animal assassinations, Rex is pretty sure he’s home free, spiritually speaking. But that’s when he finds a two thousand pound narwhal in his beanbag chair. And this tough guy is dead. And super crabby about it.

Paranorthern and the Chaos Bunny A-hop-calypse, by Stephanie Cooke

A witch named Abby and her three friends – a wolf-girl, a ghost, and a pumpkinhead – band together to try and save their supernatural town from an invasion of rabid (but adorable!) chaos bunnies in this enchanting middle-grade graphic novel for fans of Making Friends, The Okay Witch, and Lumberjanes. Deliciously humorous, cozy, and bewitching, Paranorthern shows us that sometimes the most of powerful magic comes from our connections to family and friends (but kicking bunny butt is great, too!).

Happy haunting!

-Melanie Bruchet, Youth Services Librarian

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