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We hope everyone is staying safe and staying healthy.  And staying healthy includes your mental health as well. During these difficult and uncertain times, it is natural to feel anxious, overwhelmed, and frightened.  Mindfulness and meditation can help alleviate those feelings and keep you better focused on the health and safety of yourself, your family, and your loved ones. 

Below are a few selections available through our digital resources. 


10% Happier by Dan Harris 10%happier

Nightline anchor Dan Harris embarks on an unexpected, hilarious, and deeply skeptical odyssey through the strange worlds of spirituality and self-help, and discovers a way to get happier that is truly achievable.


The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

From the very first page of Eckhart Tolle’s extraordinary book, we move rapidly into a significantly higher altitude where we breathe a lighter air.

youarenotyourthoughtsYou Are Not Your Thoughts by Frances Trussell

We all wish to be more mindful, engaged, present – loving the life we are living, but is this possible and how? You Are Not Your Thoughts: The Secret Magic of Mindfulness makes the journey into a mindful way of being a profoundly simple one, both to understand and to access.


For Teens and Kids: 

Be Mindful and Stress Less by Gina Biegelbemindfulandstressless

Simple mindfulness practices for teens that build self-esteem, grow compassion, and reduce stress. 

mindful meMindful Me by Whitney Stewart

Sometimes kids’ lives can get busy and out of control, and worries can take over. When that happens, knowing how to pause and regain composure with mindfulness can help!



Hoopla has a wide selection of eBooks, audiobooks, music, and movies that focus on mindfulness and meditation. Livingston Library cardholders can download up to 15 Hoopla titles a month. 

Emily Weisenstein – Head of Patron Services

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