National Hydration Day

Did you know that June 23 is National Hydration Day?  I didn’t either until recently.  Water is an important part of for health and wellness, but it’s also something that we often don’t give a lot of thought towards and sometimes take for granted.

So grab a big, tall glass of water and let’s get hydrated and give water the appreciation it deserves, while enjoying the following titles all about H2O.

vsa_9781468306750_270Drinking Water by James Salzman

Explore where our drinking water actually comes from in this book. From the ground to the sink or to your favorite bottled brand, the journey our drinking water takes is both fascinating and surprising.



wrk_9781615195688_270A Field Guide to Clean Drinking Water by Joe Vogel

Having clean and safe drinking water is something that many of us often take for granted.  This guide goes over different methods for distilling and filtering water with minimal equipment.



every last drop ARC cover.inddEvery Last Drop by Michelle Mulder

For many across the world, obtaining clean drinking water is a challenge.  This book dives into the world’s water resources and how many people in various countries are finding innovative and unique ways to obtain both drinking water and water for agriculture.


-Jessica, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian


Livingston, NJ 07039, USA

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