New Books and Your TBR Pile

New books.  They come out every Tuesday.  They get hyped up by book reviews, book bloggers and bookstagrammers, and they also cause our forever expanding to-read lists to grow. With all the new books coming out, do you ever feel pressured to-read these books before their newness disappears or is replaced by another release written by the same author?

For a while my answer to this question was a firm no.  I found value in reading older novels just as I did with reading the latest.  I also love browsing libraries and used book stores for older works I haven’t read by authors I admire. However, lately as I find myself spending less time wandering the aisles and more time looking at what new books are to be released, I keep coming across new titles that I want to read NOW.  This begins to create a feeling of urgency, especially with ARCs that haven’t been published yet. (If you’re looking to score advanced reader copies, check out our Trivia Nights!) I want to read older works but I also want to read newer releases in a timely manner.  

Today I’d like to ask you, do you get overwhelmed by the amount of new releases?   Do you find yourself reading new books or older titles?

Here’s what some of the Livingston Librarians have to say: 

Katie, Adult Services: “I read a mix.  I like to space things out.”

Archana, Adult Services:  Archana feels an urgency to read new books while they are still new. Between recommendations from patrons and trade journals that advertise upcoming releases, there is a lot to read!

-Jessica, Adult Services Librarian 



Livingston, NJ 07039, USA

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