On Display: Paintings by Marcia Miele Branca

The Livingston Public Library is showcasing the paintings of local artist Marcia Miele Branca for the month of February, in its display case.

Marcia is a practicing mixed-media artist proficient in printmaking,  drawing and painting. 

To quote from the artist’s statement: “My work derives its form from a mysterious innate pleasure. Expressing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences about my personal

relationship with nature is at the heart of my exploration as an artist. Making marks and combining personal imagery are intuitive acts that convey my beliefs. Formal elements of line, shape and color are integrated on the ground instinctively, celebrating the continuum of life. Through the mixture of many art-making materials, these images

maintain a glow expressing my perception of the natural world. I invite the viewer to share what is inherent in all of us from my perspective.”

The pieces in this display are born of two different processes: encaustic  

printmaking, and oil and cold wax painting.  According to Marcia, encaustic printmaking is done on the Roland HOTbox, and the paint is solid in form. When placed on the hot surface of 180 degrees Fahrenheit, it melts and is manipulated with silicone tools. “When the image is to my liking, I place  translucent papers over it and transfer it using pressure. Because the paper is  translucent, I can print on both sides, creating layers of color. Some are framed  under glass, others glued to boards, or used as collage elements “says Marcia.

For her oil and cold wax paintings, Marcia uses many of the same tools, but the materials are very different. There is no heat involved. It is a process of conceal-and-reveal, wax on/wax off.

Marcia further decodes her style, ” I work from negative to positive, revealing buried layers of my unique visual language.  My imagery evolves instinctively, from within; Mark and palette choices emerge. Meraki, from the Greek, describes me as an artist: to do something with soul, creativity, or love; the essence of the self put into the work.”

Marcia earned a B.A. in Art Education from Marietta College in  Marietta, Ohio, an M.A. in Printmaking from Montclair State University, and an M.F.A. from New Jersey City University. Marcia has received scholarships from the New Jersey State Council for the Arts, the Alliance for Arts Education, the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, the Sugar Maples Center for the Arts, and the 14th International Encaustic Conference. She  

received First Place in the Hunterdon Museum Members’ Show as well as the Monmouth County Arts Council Annual Juried Show at the Monmouth Museum. 

She is an active member of Studio Montclair, West Essex Art Association, and Livingston Art Association. After having taught in the Belleville School System and Essex County College, she now works in her studio at Manufacturer’s Village, East Orange, NJ.

For more information please visit her website:www.mielefinearts.com.

Archana, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian

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