On Display– Vivid Delights: Acrylic Paintings on Canvas by Kinjal Gandhi

This December, the Livingston Public Library is showcasing the vibrant acrylic paintings of local resident Kinjal Gandhi.

Kinjal relocated from India to the United States 25 years back for furthering her college education so as to complement her inherent drawing skills and 5-year commercial art degree from an Indian institution. She completed computer animation and digital media technology studies at US universities in Texas and Ohio.

Kinjal took a brief break from employment to raise two kids and enjoy parenthood. She started teaching art to young kids and also indulged in her passion for art by painting, mostly in acrylics.  

She likes to use acrylic colors because “they are quick drying, work easily with different techniques and textures, and are likely to stay the same hue for a long time.” On display in the Library are some of the bright acrylics she has done over the years,  in a variety of styles, and on a wide variety of subjects including two works inspired by her recent visit to Santorini, Greece.

Kinjal is attracted to bright colors and feels that color allows her to best express her ideas and thoughts on canvas.

Using acrylics, Kinjal has also successfully tried her hand in forms like Fluid Art, Madhubani Folk, and Abstract imagery, and vivid selections from these are on display in the current exhibit. 

Archana, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian

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