On Display: World War II Aircraft Models

In memory of the 76th anniversary of World War II and in honor of Veteran’s Day, Livingston resident Bob Carley is displaying some of the aircraft models he has so passionately and painstakingly made over the past 50+ years, in the Livingston Library’s display case.

In his own words, “I have been building World War II airplane models since my teens. As a child I watched my father build and fly control line and remote-controlled airplane models. This started my love of building model airplanes. I always enjoyed reading about World War II and was fascinated by the fast and competitive pace of technological development needed to create the best and most advanced aircraft to gain air superiority. Some of the smartest scientists and engineers helped to make these masterpieces. Pursuit planes, bombers, dive bombers, torpedo bombers, aircraft carrier planes, trainers, seaplanes and cargo planes are just some of the aircraft designed for this war. “

Bob does intensive research including on the markings, the nose art, and history of the plane,  to make sure each plane, from both inside and outside, is as authentic as the real airplane. All of the coloration and patterns on each plane are realistic. It takes him approximately three weeks to build one plane. Bob has read countless books, watched many documentaries and movies, gone to airshows, and joined many history and modeling groups due to my passion for World War II aircraft. 

Says Bob, “ Due to necessity during the war, the creation and technology of the real aircraft was an amazing feat for this period in time for both the allies and the axis powers. My models depict a realism of aircraft in 1/48th scale. Over the years I have honed my skills to make certain that each airplane I built was true to this period in history.”

Bob’s uncle was a ball turret gunner on the B-24 Liberator. Using websites and information from the National Archives, he was able to find a lot of information about the crew, their missions, and his uncle’s capture and time as a POW. 

Adds Bob, “I made an exact replica of my uncle’s plane in his honor to showcase as part of my display. Making this model was a labor of love and it is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy viewing my models and reading about their unique history.”

The display can be viewed during Library hours until the end of November.

-Archana, Adult Services & Acquisitions Librarian

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