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Looking for your next “pawtastic” read?  Check out these fiction novels that contain our favorite furry friends!

{F9787B06-26D3-48FD-B404-F9C8C031E34A}Img100The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

The tale of a former racer car driver whose three loves in life include his wife, his daughter, and his best friend- his dog, whose one desire is to be reincarnated as a human.



{3C20A9D6-558C-4605-8114-1186D2A0ED01}Img100Cat on the Scent by Rita Mae Brown

The perfect mystery?  Sometimes it takes a cat to write it! According to feline investigator Mrs. Murphy things have been too exciting in in Virginia. Just as the town starts to get excited over their upcoming Civil War reenactment, a local man goes missing along with his single engine plane- which no one has seen recently except for Mrs. Murphy.


BuryTheLead_9780446612869_MM_F1.inddBury the Lead by David Rosenfelt

In this mystery, the hero in Rosenfelt’s previous novels returns- this time on a quest to prove the innocence of a reporter being accused of being a serial killer.



{AFB90E0D-5BCE-4188-B428-ED27A75DD3B2}Img100Purrs and Peril by Jinty James

Lauren and her cat run a cat cafe in northern California.  One day Lauren is shocked to discover that one of her favorite customers has been poisoned.  She takes it upon herself to investigate the mystery and see if she and her cat can “sniff” out the criminal.


{C90E931E-15FE-46B8-9195-4025A9D91EC1}Img100Ruff Justice by Laurien Berenson

A spring dog show is taking over Connecticut, and prize winning poodle owner, Melanie, is determined to help her son win the championship with his own poodle.  Their Aunt Peg, who usually judges the dogs, is even going to show hers and she has plans to stand out from the crowd with a custom  leash.  But then her leash designer is brutally murdered and thus begins the mystery of who would do such a terrible thing?

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