Play & Learn at LPL!

Babies and their caregivers enjoyed learning at the various play stations during the Play & Learn event, held at the Livingston Public Library on Tuesday, September 21. Each station provided babies with an opportunity to practice their gross & fine motor skills. Caregivers also strengthened their babies’ vocabularies as they played together at each station. Babies built with cereal box blocks and loved pulling different colored cellophane sheets out of tissue boxes. At the mess-free finger painting station, babies enjoyed squishing the paint and making shapes.

Of all the activities, the two crowd favorites were the pom-pom station and the sensory alphabet search-and-find. At the pom-pom station, babies could complete a picture of a human face by sticking pom-poms onto contact paper. They also enjoyed sorting the pom-poms into different sizes and colors. At the sensory alphabet search-and-find, babies dug through biodegradable packing peanuts to find the hidden alphabet blocks, then matched them to their corresponding place on a puzzle board.

Look for another Play & Learn event in the new year! We hope to see you soon.

-Amanda Winter, Youth Services Librarian

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