Play & Learn: Fall Edition

Toddlers and their caregivers got ready for Fall as they explored five activity stations during the Play & Learn: Fall Edition last week. 

At the “Feed the Squirrel” station, toddlers eagerly fed our cartoon squirrel brown pom-pom “acorns” until his tummy was full.  Other toddlers helped a tree change its leaves for the season at the “Turn Over a New Leaf” station by sticking paper leaves that were green on one side and orange, red, or yellow on the other side to a poster board tree. 

Towers of cereal box blocks were created and then joyfully knocked down by children as their caregivers helped them count each one.  Crowds of toddlers made seasonal pies by sorting different color pom-poms into pie tins: red for cranberry pie; green for Granny Smith apple pie; and light brown for pumpkin pie. Yum! 

Both caregivers and toddlers enjoyed making their own music shaking and dancing with shaky eggs.  The program ended with a group bubble parade around the room, to everyone’s delight!

Thank you to all of the families who joined us for such a fun morning!

Amanda Winter, Youth Services Librarian

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